6/15/11 - Trench time is when Kingdom Comes?

In the trenches was I, sweating profusely with a large machine gun in my hand. The enemy was just over the pile of dirt I was leaning up against, were I to stand up, I could expose my head to their gun fire. "I'll get the first draw" I thought to myself, and mustering an ounce of courage I lept out of the trench toward the enemy lines. Trees were scattered across the battlefield like a sprinkling of pepper, the enemy was in sight, I drew my gun to fire. *Clack* *Clack* *Clack* bullets flew their way as I kept a steady repeat on my trigger.
The enemy fired back, I got hit but I kept on running toward them.
Then I noticed, my allies were firing at me as well, they hit me too, but I kept on running. I despaired as I then realized "If my allies are against me, and my enemies are against me, then no one is for me!!"
Lifting my eyes to the sky, I saw a door, which opened from the side of a cloud... Out stepped a man! It was Jesus! He flew across the sky----I felt as if I was the only one to see Him there. Somehow I was removed from the battle and found myself in the middle of a prayer meeting. Many saints were gathered in a movie theatre life building where we lifted up the unsaved world the our heavenly Father. Just then, the Spirit of God started to move, He wanted us to go to Guatamala, all of us. Most all the believers went immediately onto a bus and started toward Guatamala. We made it about half-way and stopped at a base where we awaited our passports... This was 30 people, including my friends Luke Quanbeck and Shane Webber... could this be real?

7/2/09 - A Search for Death

Enter Delasia: 12:38AM
A large open expanse was before me, it must’ve been a warehouse of some kind, but one thing was most sure: it was owned by Panera. Here I got a wage of $20 an hour to sort flour into small containers which looked like coffee filters. Rows of tables were in the building as far as the eye could see, and I was working diligently next to my partner---a school friend, Joehey Arnold. The clock didn’t seem to go fast enough, but this was obviously the ideal job---the break room had a massage chair, refrigerator and even a slide which went down to the “unknown basement”. Better yet was the fact that everyone knew me, I walked around the building and was graced by waves and greetings all along the way.
At quitting-time Joehey and I went together down the slide to an underground room, the lighting was a little dim but it had a sturdy tree in its center. Sitting under the tree we discussed future career goals which included medical research for her and “higher things” with Panera for me. After talking for a while, a man came in the room and took me with him---though not by force. Something about this person seemed very familiar, but he was completely unknown.
I then arrived at another building, also underground. There were no windows and the room I was in consisted of a series of dark hallways and very tall walls (35+ feet). There were small shrine-like exhibits built into the walls at floor level, but they had no glass to protect their contents. Rare items from American past and gold coins abounded in small trays scattered throughout the exhibits. I generously helped myself to treasures of gold and silver coins, taking also some shiny necklaces. In the side of the wall I saw a small tunnel, just large enough to fit through with my newly added mass of gold.
The hard cement cleaved my pants of fabric and began to scrape my knees as I made my way through the tunnel. I heard shouts from the other side, it sounded like a marketplace? When I got there I realized it was a garage sale, so I began to shop. Finding an item of interest, I asked the owner if he would take less for it than it was marked. The gruff-old man turned to a young boy and nodded to him, the boy ran off. “Stay There” he said, my muscled became tense.
I then saw myself through the scope of a plastic rifle, I was in the crosshairs, about 50 yards away. But what can a plastic rifle do? Regardless, it was quite evident that the young boy intended to shoot me and as I saw myself run away---the rifle’s aim followed. As much as I tried to hide, duck or run, I could not escape the keen aim of the rifle, but it was only plastic right?
Returning once again to my perspective, I saw continued to run until I saw the flash of a rifle muzzle. My heart sunk in despair as I felt the hot lead projectile blast through my body. The child laughed heartily as I fell to my knees. *Bang! Bang!* Two more shots. I died.

Termination: Sudden Awakening (Despair) 8:04AM
W:0 X:1 Y:0 Z:0 B:0 (Left hand had been applying slight pressure to forehead)

6/24/09 - Technorati Invasion

Enter Delasia: 11:15PM

Run Faster! I pushed the limits of my physical ability as I ran down a computer-filled corridor, under hot pursuit by Technorati agents, members of a “multinational security agency” with enough money and power to conquer just about anything. Looking back for only a moment, I caught a glimpse of the agents, each equipped with body armor and a large pistol on their belt. I’d hate to fall into the hands of these guys.
The exact intent of this company was unknown to me, but taking over North America seemed to be the obvious objective. The greatest fear was the company’s military, which loomed over nervous U.S. citizens with its unnerving secrecy and massive firepower. This company didn’t release any of it’s information to the public, so I was sent by the MSA (Modern Spy Agency) to infiltrate the network and find out exactly what was going on behind their closed doors and what the intentions were for all the military equipment that had been parading around U.S. streets for some time now. From what I’d heard, this company doesn’t hire people, it abducts them. The smartest of the smart are taken away from normal life and brought to work inside the massive building, which had a housing unit attached to it for such a purpose. However, Technorati didn’t have to worry about governments of any kind, for every base was considered it’s own country and the company held more political power than any other nation.
It was day one of my mission, I arrived near the Technorati base by parachute drop and waiting for nightfall, I got my equipment ready and ate a hearty meal. When the time came I entered through a newly made hole in the glass-roof and lowered myself down by a rope. It was a large warehouse-like building with rows and rows of computers stacked about two stories high---my job was simply to bypass any chance at peaceful negotiations and retrieve needed files through a network hub, which was located somewhere in the building. My feet hit the cold cement floor and I unhooked myself from the carabineer at the end of the rope. This will be a cinch, I thought to myself. Considering the circumstances, the mission seemed to be off to a good start---after all, shouldn’t the biggest “security agency” have all kinds of security? Before I had even finished my thought I was spotted by a computer repairman getting ready to head home. Being unarmed, I was unable to reach him before he pulled a nearby alarm. The dark building was immediately illuminated with a red glow as sirens began to wail announcing my presence. I was standing in the middle of a crossroads between isles of computers and agents dressed in black began to approach me from all directions, except for one! I took the only opportunity to get away and so my pursuit began.
This was obviously a forbidden zone, as indicated by the less than cordial tone of the guards close behind me yelling “Halt!”. Yeah, right… Although I was slowly outrunning them, fatigue was quickly overcoming me. In addition, there was only one direction to run, away from the agents down the enormous row of computers. After sliding quickly around a corner, I realized my luck had run out, there was a dead end in front of me. Climbing the slippery face-plates of the computers seemed unlikely, and so there I stood in the middle of the row, my fate awaiting me. Before the agents could arrive, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Whether by friend or foe, I was yanked backwards into a hidden compartment among the computers!
I fell on my back into the room and whoever had grabbed me quickly shut the door, muffling the loud cry of sirens. It was too dark to see anything, but I figured that anywhere was probably better than with the agents which were soon to be outside. Groping around the room, I could feel that it was no larger than a closet. Stumbling to my feet, I backed up against the far wall, still tired from the run and nervous about who had taken me into this room? *Tear* *Click* *Snap* a green radiance was emitted from a small glow stick in the hand of another.
“Are you MSA?” she whispered. “Yes” I replied. “I’m Bree, MSA, been hiding out for 2 months. Nice to have someone here that’s not looking to kill me. Shhh… Be quiet now” she said. Bree took my hand and held it as we waited in the dim light; for it was stressful being unsure if we would emerge from the small container alive. Agents and their “search robots” could be faintly heard on the other side of the door, probably analyzing the area, perplexed as to the nature of my disappearance---a search which went on for hours. After waiting quite a while, we both reclined in the closet to get some rest---hoping to wake up alive.

Once a while had passed I awoke and listened to the door for any noise whatsoever. There was no alarm sounding, no beeping of search robots, and no agents making audible noises. All I could hear was Bree, who was also in the process of waking up. “You’re on the intelligence mission to get the Technorati network files aren’t you?” she asked slowly after a big yawn. “How did you know?” I asked. “I’m on the same mission, and was assigned to make a hideaway and wait for you here” she responded. “Great work” I added. “Bree, the mission. It’s quite obvious that the Technorati depend on their computers, perhaps knocking them out would be the easiest way to dismantle this company.” I stated. “Stick to the file recovery, leave the ‘company dismantling’ to the authorities” Bree replied. “What authorities, this company is the authority, we need to take it out” and with that, I got up and left the hideaway. “I need you with me Bree” I called to her. “I’ve got a lot more experience in this building than you do. One false move and we’re going to need more than a hideaway to get us out. Let’s be careful”

Walking back down the hallway, I saw a large reactor. “This must be the power source” she said. I turned it off and the whole warehouse went black. “We win.” I said confidently. She reached for a glowstick and we made our way to the front door. Mission Accomplished, but was it really?
Termination: Alarm Clock 6:00AM
W:0 X:1 Y:0 Z:0 B:0



6/23/09 - Enter the Unknown

Enter Delasia: 11:32PM

There I was, surrounded by a world moving so fast around me, it's speed made it entirely unrecognizable. A whirlwind of thoughts, emotions and speech all flying by so quickly, that none of it made any sense.

I entered the unknown. It's a dark room, to which I hope never to return to again. My mind didn't know anything---a notion which invoked terror into every part of my very being.

There were people there, faces unrecognizable in the world of the unknown. They were trying to communicate something. Danger? Kindness? Anger? I didn't know, but I felt the chills go down my back as they stood there... staring at me. I think they expected me to do something, but what?

The significance of something in a dream needs not to be spoken of, it's simply understood by the deepest parts of the mind. Something happened there in the unknown, I can feel it.

Termination: Alarm Clock - 6:20AM
W:4 X:1 Y:0 Z:0 B:0

6/22/09 - Concert Blackout

Enter Delasia: 1:25AM

One last sound check. Good to go! I felt every nerve in my body tingling as the backstage soundboard guy gave me the "thumbs up"---the concert was about to begin. I walked through a dense fog toward the front of the stage, all the while regretting what was about to take place; a long time basement artist going live for his first show. The uncontrollable buzz from the crowd felt like the rush before a risky move, What am I up against here?

The spotlight hit me like a bolt of lightning as I struck my first chord and the electric music sensation filled the arena. Time to shine. Stepping up to the microphone, I let my voice go where it wanted to, and that it did! I didn't know the words I was singing, but recognized them once they were off my lips. It was a song about the true meaning of love and was obviously a crowd favorite? They were singing along---a choral echo of my very words nearly shaking the building, which was packed to the brim. (It was $0.00 admission! Sweet!)

All seemed to be going well, until everything went black. The power went out somehow and nothing worked at all, not even the big screen which had video footage running on it. I felt so ashamed, until he came. A mysterious man grabbed a massive megaphone and shouted something magical to the crowd. They cheered and cheered eventually to the point of flooding the stage. What did he say? Whatever it was, somehow he got all the people to start a slow clap at the same time---and when they got to the end, the power returned. I continued my song and finished the concert, which seemed to go rather quickly from there.

After it was over, I went walking around---trying to find that mysterious figure who saved the concert, but he had vanished. I owed him so much, but it was something I could never repay. The concert was over, but everyone brought sleeping bags and was staying at the stadium for a big slumber-party with around 10000 people.

Termination: Alarm Clock - 9:00AM
W:0 X:1 Y:0 Z:4 B:1 (Left)

6/21/09 - Map Making

Enter Delasia: 11:48PM

Why is it so hard to focus?!? Sitting at a small table in a jungle-forest clearing, I was busy at work with my partner, Leyla Spears---a map scribe as I was. We had spent the entire morning scouting a vast land and were just now (1:05pm) stopping for lunch, a light meal of biscuits and iced tea. Busy translating measurements and calculations onto a draft map, I was working up quite a sweat, but the whole ordeal was probably taking more of a mental toll than anything else. It was a delightfully cloudy day, perfect for our task of trekking across the nearby valleys and hills. However, recording the information onto the map was much harder than measuring the area, so my partner and I were constantly stopping to evaluate and record information.
It was a daring venture; we were left on a new continent by “the company” with enough supplies to set up a base camp and hopefully record the geography of the entire land in only 2 months. (For any longer and our food supply would certainly exhaust itself) The land could not be seen by satellite due to a strange persistent cloud formation overhead, so our mission was straightforward---map it out, the old fashioned way. A tedious task of computing angles and distances didn’t make this easy at all. I was working as hard as I could, but was constantly being distracted by my assistant. To say the least, weeks and weeks of traveling around together had formed a strong bond between us.
“You want the rest of this biscuit?” she asked. Her beautiful eyes fixed in contact with mine for just a moment was enough to completely take my breath away. Now I know why this map-making is so hard! Although Leyla’s name might indicate a dainty personality, she was by no means feminine. She was a brave jungle scout, with sheathed machete by her side and far more experience in this profession than me. Her personality was just about as rugged as her jeans and she was the type which would never say no to a “race to the top of the next peak”. Leyla ran fast and usually beat me at such speed competitions, so she did the measurements and I was assigned to the brutal task of recording data. Her specialty was stories by the campfire and would completely blow me away with tales of her past adventures of cutting through jungles in the middle of nowhere---it was our nightly tradition. Sometimes her words of encouragement were the only things that would get me through late nights of map-making, what started as a fairly strict business relationship had become something much more---a fact we both openly acknowledged.
Somehow I knew so much about her, but I think this was the first time we’ve met in Delasia. How could she enchant me so completely in the length of a dream? So much mystery---but it was somehow revealed through the way her heart communicated with mine. Could this be a vision of my future wife? I’m inspired to keep searching for the bride which awaits me. I know she exists, even beyond a dream!
It was a fairly fast paced schedule, we were constantly on the move and after staying the night somewhere, the next day would simply include packing up our belongings and heading out to scout the next couple square miles. On the bright side, we only had to pitch and move one tent… I never slept, for I wanted to be sure we could finish the mission before the boat would come back to retrieve us, a reality which was only a couple weeks away. Leyla retired for the night, as I tended the fire, preparing the next piece of paper for tomorrow’s findings.
Time flew by uncontrollably fast from that moment on, key points our journey were frozen and passed like photos in front of my eyes, almost like I was in a moving walkway through an art gallery. I saw many good times and bad, that I spent in that strange land---it was like two months flashing before my eyes. Time stopped. There I was, on a dock with my assistant, my Leyla. We had returned to our land, Delasia and were going our separate ways, a dreaded moment we both knew would one day come. It was at that moment I began to have mixed feelings about the journey’s success; after all we finished the map, but what of my friendship with Leyla? Would I ever see her again? Why couldn’t she come with me? “Be at Peace” she whispered into my ear. My heart was grieved as she walked away, the warmth of her embrace still fresh upon me. I watched her take one last look at me, before sprinting off into the distance. I’ll see you again, Leyla---and will be waiting for our next mission together.

Termination: Gradual Awakening 6:52AM
W:5 X:1 Y:0 Z:4 B:5

6/20/09 - Basket of Bread

Enter Delasia: 1:21AM

"I have yet to beleive that too much on one's plate is attainable, they make plates of all sizes" Noah said while reaching for another peice of bread, adding it to his growing "bread pyramid" on a very oversized plate indeed. My immediate and extended family were sitting around a large round table in the middle of a city park, enjoying an afternoon picnic.
We were "feasting" upon a large supply of bread loaves in an enormous basket which had been placed in the center of the table, but everyone had such big plates that getting close to one another at the table was nearly unthinkable. Although everyone kept taking more and more, the bread level in the basket never got any lower. Looking around me I saw that everyone had large plates filled with bread, stacked layer upon layer with the small wheat loaves taken from the middle basket. The bread abounded, but no-one ate. The basket provided generously, but no amount of bread on the plates was ever enough. The bread piles grew, but the plates simply got larger to accomodate them.

Somehow, this didn't seem right. What was going on? Without a plate in my hand, I couldn't get any bread---nor did I want any after seeing so much of it.

Termination: Sounds Heard from Upstairs 8:10
W:5 X:1 Y:0 Z:2

6/19/09 - Defend or Attack?

Enter Delasia: 11:48PM

It was the glimmer of sunlight off his shiny helmet that first caught my eye. I was off for a stroll in the village marketplace---for watching over the peasants was my primary duty as knight of the castle. The marketplace was quite the sight to behold today; all the peasants wore purple tunics and sat at their booths, which were all full of freshly picked produce. Turning quickly, my eyes sought out the source of brightness and my gaze fell upon a young knight who was rapidly approaching me. “The castle is completely surrounded by enemies on all sides” he wearily reported. By no means was I the strongest or most capable knight in all the land, yet this young one (of about 15) found me worthy of taking authority in such a task as this. “I was riding my horse and found many enemy encampments not to far from here, should we build the castle defenses stronger, or go out to attack them? The decision is yours, a direct order from the king” he said. Although I was confident that even our most valiant effort would probably not overcome the enemy, I mustered what army the castle had and immediately went out the gate. Anything was better than letting them come to us.

The portcullis shut with an iron bang as I found myself alone on a forest path just outside the castle walls. My comrades had deserted me! “There are 24 knights in the castle, and even the youngest is better equipped than me. Yet somehow you think I can challenge the enemy alone!?” I shouted at them, but no response---so I went along my way. The forest was thick and nearly cut out any sunlight that would’ve naturally illuminated the path before me. Unsheathing my sword, I took swipes at nearby branches as I walked down the road. I walked for quite some time and upon nearing the enemy encampment, I noticed signs which solicited danger and misfortune to whoever would go any closer. Drawing a deep breath, I crossed the red line which was drawn on the path and was now officially in danger.

A young woman dressed in black leather approached me on the path; this was the first sign of life I’d seen since my unfortunate turn of events at the castle. Although we spoke different languages, it was quite obvious that she was trying to seduce me, with her promiscuous gestures and speech smooth as honey. I may not have been a skilled warrior, but I could infer that this was indeed a dangerous situation, so I quickly ran past her. Before I could get far, I heard the whoosh of a throwing star fly past my head. She was an assassin, looking for an easy kill! I quickly unbuckled my shield, which was strapped to my back, and turned toward her to better block the projectiles while proceeding to walk backwards to increase the distance between us. The next star hit my shield with a thud… Being quite alarmed by her accuracy, I charged forward with my sword drawn. She blew a small horn she strapped to her belt and drew her sword as well, ready to meet mine in clashing frenzy. Others began to appear and I was grieved to strike them all down. (Why was I a knight in the first place?!)

After killing about 40 assassins, I was shot in the back by a group of archers. They took great pride in hitting me and repeatedly showed me an “instant replay video” while I was in my dying moments. What a sad ending to life! The grief was soon over, and I appeared back in the castle---observing the ceremony of blessing a new statue in the city square. It was a statue of me, dying---and was a little weird…? I gave a speech at the ceremony, which was even weirder. The castle was saved, and it was my doing? How could this be, for I was the weakest knight.

Termination: Sudden Awakening 7:30AM
W: 4.5 X: 1 Y:1 Z:1

6/18/09 - Over-caffeinated

Enter Delasia: 12:01AM

A green fog hovered over the clean tile floor of the Delasian pool-house. The Clack! of billiards could be heard all around as people were busy challenging each other to the lowest score. (As measured by the number of cue-strokes taken) Dim orange lighting was generously provided by the many overhanging pool table lights. A large man wearing a heavily stained white shirt approached me. "I win" he boasted, before stomping toward the door at the far end of the rectangular shaped building. The man came to an abrupt halt after remembering that he was too big to fit through the door, so he decided to stay another day at the pool-house.

I approached the bar-like counter and pushed a button which activated a hidden door leading to the other side---where my coworkers were. Only one was leaning against the counter today, it was Samantha---decked out with a blue apron and braids which was her usual. As I clocked in, the computer checked my caffeine level---which was unusually high today. (1042/1050) The computer robotically announced "No more pop for you Buddy". Upon hearing this, Samantha slapped my can of pop out of my hand, spilling it onto the floor. "Remember what happened last time?" she warned. Although I didn't reply, I couldn't help but think: No, I don't remember actually, was it really that bad? Instead of replying, I picked up a broom and dustpan and went to work sweeping up popcorn dropped by the nearby pool-playing folk.

My boss walked in a moment later and wanted to show me his uncooked bacon collection. Feeling obligated to do so, and being clocked in, I agreed. He took me to a large warehouse where rows upon rows of refrigerated bacon---the largest collection in the world---was kept. The rest of this dream was so unentertaining, it would be quite pointless for me to recollect it for you. (And bacon isn't a pretty picture either.)

Termination: Gradual Awakening - 7:45AM
W:0 X:0 Y:0 Z:4
I went to the ValleyFair amusement park today

6/17/09 - A Fortunate Hostage

Enter Delasia: 11:43PM
I could see nothing. The room I was in was completely dark, but my other sensory indicated this was not a good place to be. A rope had been bound around my hands and my face was resting on the cold stone floor. What a gloomy place! The room smelt like rain on wet pavement and it was very humid indeed. “Am I alone?” someone said. “No, I’m here too” I replied wearily. “Come over to me” said the voice, which was too soft to be a man’s. I went toward the sound and bumped into another figure in the darkness. She wrapped her unbound arms around me and whispered “I’m Cecil, stay still”. I was a little perplexed at her embrace in these strangest of times until I realized she was going for my ropes! I had to get closer to her, for as she reached for my hands, which were bound around my back, chains around her feet prevented her from coming close enough to untie me. Stepping a little closer, we were in a perfect communication position. (That’s all I could think at the moment) “Any luck with your chains?” I asked. “Please give it a try when I untie you, the metal really hurts” she responded.
A little longer and I was free of my ropes! But it wasn’t a moment later that a door opened at the far side of the room. As light filled the room from the outside, I noticed a silhouette approaching Cecil and I. He flipped on the light switch and I was blinded by its brightness, but Cecil wasn’t---she was an elf! I could hear his footsteps approaching and considering the circumstances, this was probably not a friendly guy. “There is a star tome in the middle of the room, turn around and press it quickly!” She whispered. Without wasting time, I turned exactly around and tried to open my eyes which were still trying to adjust. I barely made it to the star in the center of the room, and touched it. The star then blinked; and the man, who I could now see was very large and heavy built. He seemed very upset with me, and this is not the kind of guy you want angry at you. (I was no longer bound by ropes and I had pressed the mysterious star)
“How did you get out” he demanded. “The wheelbarrow” I said. Being very confused, he began to look around the room, but there was no wheelbarrow. “KAPOW!” A cement wall was smashed to pieces by a small pink character… it was Kirby! Kirby took the evil man away, and left a key for me to unlock Cecil. After setting her free, I ventured outside and noticed that the room was in the middle of a prairie? “Take care and come to my land soon!” said Cecil, who also left the room and sprinted away.
I then found myself in the middle of 3000 kids at the FLY convention in Colorado, forced to give a 20 second “funny-mercial”, a fake commercial which advertises nothing… Simply to get people to laugh. “And now, here’s your host with the latest funny-mercial” I heard over the speakers in the meeting hall. I was lost in a big crowd, but turned on my microphone and started making up something about “Super Awesome Buns”. It was kinda like a rap and the people around me were roaring with laughter, then I realized---I wasn’t the host and they didn’t put my microphone through to the main speakers… Bummer!
A speaker got up to say something, but I woke up before he could finish.
Termination: Alarm Clock 8:00AM
W: 5 X:1 Y:0 Z:4

6/16/09 - An Operation in Wacko Desert

Enter Delasia: 12:38PM

"Test, Test, Test! That is what we must do" the doctor muddled to himself as he paced around the examination table in the dark hospital research lab room. A team of doctors and nurses were perplexed as they watched a cat fly around the room, one uttered "Why does this kitty have supernatural abilities, it just doesn't make sense?" All the doctors had oxygen masks on, for the airtight room was to be filled with a tranquilizer fog. The purpose of today's operation was to control a small white cat from flying around the room as it was. I sat in the observation room watching the the dark colored fog slowly purge throughout the room, taking notes on the body temperature and respirations of the cat transmitted through a small computer that the doctors managed to put around it's neck before it started soaring around.. The cat was obviously deeply affected and was slowly sedated, a far cry from it's crazy bounds and leaps only a moment earlier.. Eventually, it lost it's grasp of the hanging ceiling light it had befriended and landed on the paded table with a whoosh, order was then restored to the hospital room. The operation began, but the cat vanished, "Uh oh, here we go again" mumbled one doctor under his oxygen mask, nobody was happy and they started to look at me... as if I had caused this to happen?

The sun then beat down on me heavily, I had been lying face-down in the middle of a desert. Mountains ranges encircled me, but in the distance I saw a small wooden shack---it was mine! Was I banished into this wasteland by the doctors for making some kind of mistake? The answer eluded me, but picking up my limited belongings which had been scattered throughout the sand, I continued on my way. With a straw hat on my head, I made it to the shack, where I cooked a peice of corn over the open fire. (All of which was all prepared, as if someone else was living there?) But I had nothing to drink, so I wasn't content.
But then before me appeared another shack, it was falling apart and had no roof. However, through a broken window I saw a well! Leaping to my feet, I began my hike over to the other building, despite it's obvious state of dissaray. My pace slowed as I saw an old woman emerge from the building. She was obviously tired from living in the desert for so long, but seeing me she invited me inside---a relative term considering her shack was missing a good chunk of it's walls. I began to pump the well and she drew the water, which was very thick like a syrup. Moreover it had countless dark particles in it, which she tried to sift out with a tea strainer. Thirsty to the point of drinking anything, I quickly downed the thick water and returned the shiny metal cup it was in. "What's going on with the water?" I asked. "It's been like that since the coal miners overtook those hills, all the runoff from the blastwater gets into my wells" she responded.
A mighty wind arose and the golden sand around us was quickly coated with a layer of black dust from the hills. "It's charred air" she said. This just can't be healthy. I thought to myself. In the distance I saw the silouettte of a large caravan coming our way. There were camels and people too! What were they coming here for?!

Termination: Alarm Clock - 8:00AM
W:4 X:1 Y:0 Z:4

6/15/09 - A Modern Adventure

Enter Delasia: 10:45PM

Business men and women flew by in the Minneapolis International Airport. Suitcases rolling, loudspeakers ringing and children grasping their parent’s hand for dear life added to the already hectic atmosphere in the airport terminal. “It’s particularly crowded day in the airport”, remarked a TSA Official who stopped his cart next to a black guitar case open on the floor.

There I was, in my brown street clothes playing country tunes for loose change. His words inspired hope into me, an aspiring musician on his way to Portland to try to become famous, a difficult and unlikely feat. Although I had been playing some of my best tunes all morning, I glanced over at the guitar case and the saw only enough paper to amount to about $25. ‘Not even enough for a taxi, maybe this just isn’t my thing” I kept thinking to myself, watching the people go by without even slowing enough to hear an acoustic version of Sweet Home Alabama.

Packing up my guitar, I started walking toward the nearest food court, hoping to find a Chuck E’ Cheese. On the way I noticed a transparent advertisement, brand new technology! At first, it looked like a airport map, but as I got closer I noticed a Pepsi logo on top. In the distance, a teen boy was running my way. Not seeing the clear glass wall in the busyness of the terminal, he ran straight into it. A built in camera clicked as it took a picture of his face, freshly squished up against the glass. Undeterred whatsoever, the boy ran along his way and the advertisement then showed his picture on the screen. A moment to laugh was just what I needed.

As I stood there laughing to myself, I was approached by two men wearing green polo shirts and gray sunglasses. “You, Come now” Being much smaller than them both, I really had no other option---but for some reason, I felt that if these people were trustworthy? I then found myself in the endzone of a neatly tended football field, I just caught a 40 yard pass for a touchdown! Looking down, my shirt said “NFL Specialist”, ugh, dark green with brown pants… Tacky! This was only practice, but my teammates ran over to me and picked me up, parading me around the field. Taking off their helmets, I felt as if I’d seen them for the first time, although they already knew me. Looking around I saw about 20 tall guys, and between them emerged a 5 shorter folk, who also had “Specialist” shirts on. The team captain was Chris---he was the typical high school jock type. It was a night practice, but although the field was only illuminated by a few overhanging lights, I could tell something was different about a couple of the other specialists, they weren’t guys.
However, it wasn’t time for talking and the little powwow ended in silence and we all went our own ways.

The next day in the locker room, which was outdoors, I met up with the team poolside. Everyone was sitting in lawn-chairs awaiting the arrival of the coach, who was “bringing grim news”. Two guys with neon hair were doing acrobatics on their chairs, with everyone laughing at their crazy dances and flips. Someone approached the vacant seat next to mine. She introduced herself as specialist “N102”, but her real name was Nicole---one of the shorter people on the football field the night before, the running back. A little interrogation uncovered that we were both part of the Interplayer Diplomacy department. Finding something in common with another player was a nice feeling and we quickly became best of friends.

The coach arrived, bluntly announcing Chris was going to be on suspension for the next two games. Utterly disgusted, Chris decided to leave the team and was determined to take as many people down with him as possible. He managed to get 6 to go with him before getting knocked out by the janitor. “I have a tranquilizer, who’s next?!?!” the janitor threatened. Everyone straightened up in their chairs and the would-be deserters sat back down. Chris didn’t respond well the foreign injection and went into shock. I ran over to assist him, elevating his legs and providing basic life support for him, being assisted by my new friend Nicole, who also knew CPR and First Aid. As I went to check his carotid pulse, I felt her hand had beat me there. She giggled and we continued to help him together. The coach proceeded with the team meeting, and after getting Chris stabilized, N102 and I also joined them.

After the meeting was over, coach told Nicole and I to look over Chris. In the meanwhile we sat at the edge of the pool together, talking about our pasts and futures. (Mine included a future in professional pogo-stick jumping, She wanted to be a teacher) 3 hours after the meeting concluded, Chris finally came back around and he had completely forgotten the whole experience. Nicole told him to take a break for the next couple games while he recovered. All was well, so me and my new friend took a walk into the nearby desert as the next sun was setting. I didn’t feel so bad about Chris taking a break from football, knowing that my new partner and I would be a powerful team during the next game! The night scene faded away slowly.

Termination: Alarm Clock - 7:00AM
W - 0
X - 0
Y - 0
Z - 4